Here, we’ll look at how to deploy the Liquidware Labs Connector ID Key Software (agent) through Active Directory

Deploying the Agent using Active Directory
The MSI file is required to deploy the agent through Active Directory.
1. On the Connector ID Key Software, the MSI file can be downloaded by clicking AD Group Policy – Standard Version
Use AD Group Policy – Standard to download the MSI file
2. Copy the Liquidware Labs ADM to a given domain controller and import the template into Active Directory using the Group Policy Management Console. In this example, the ADM template was copied to the C:\Windows\INF directory.

3. In order to see the policies, filtering must be disabled using the following steps by unchecking “Only show policy settings that can be fully managed”

4. If using GPOs, you can also set the Hub Address for both the 32 and 64 Bit agents as shown below:

5. Create a new Software Installation package:

Be sure to use “My Network Places” to browse for share (the URL) which contains the agent software. If the share is not entered, the installation of the agent will fail.

6. Assign the package.

If there are problems deploying the client, you may need to enable the policy “Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon”

7. Link the new GPO to the domain, or more likely, an OU.  In this example, I linked the GPO to the domain.
The agent will install silently on the client computer.  Next, we need to verify success.
Verify Data is Collected by the Hub Appliance
1. Within Stratusphere, change to Stratusphere FIT menu using the down arrow on upper right hand portion of the console. Click Inventory | Machines
Any machine with an agent should be displayed. To verify that data is being collected, check the Last Contact heading. (The Last Contact heading is sortable)