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Happy Birthday!!

King Solomon said many years ago: “A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.” Who can argue with such wisdom?

Well, today is Susan’s birthday and I’m so thankful that she is my wife.

Below is a recent picture, taken during our trip to Colombia. Happy Birthday Susan!

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Wii Fit Ski Slalom

My wife Susan was very excited tonight as she completed the Wii Fit Ski Slalom (Beginner) in 24.31 seconds, achieving “4-star Champion” status. That’s tops around the house thus far and I couldn’t help but wonder, what’s the fastest time out there? That lead me to this video on You Tube:

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The Lone Ranger certainly knew the value of a good horse! The reliable transportation provided by Silver allowed him to maintain law and order in the Old West.

Like the Lone Ranger, I know the value of, and depend on reliable transportation. Of course I don’t defend the helpless of the Old West, but I do need to get around North Carolina to work on the various IT projects I’m assigned to.

From one day to the next, I may be in Rockingham, Rocky Mount, Mount Airy, Asheboro, Wilkesboro, Burlington, Wilmington, Winston-Salem, Sanford, Charlotte, Raleigh, etc, etc. Like many of you, I need a car I can depend on!

This is kinda silly (this whole entry is nonsense) but I recently passed 200,000 miles and felt almost obligated to write an entry about my car. I couldn’t do my job without it…..sob, sob. Here’s a picture at 200,000 miles in Archdale, NC:

Shortly after taking this picture, I was rear-ended pretty hard and driven underneath the SUV in front of me. The car that hit me from behind was totalled and the SUV in front of me got a scratch on the underside of its bumper. I don’t know if the driver realized quite what happened at first, but both the front and the back of my car were beat up pretty bad. I was able to drive it away from the accident, but it made a bunch of funny noises too!

I thought I had lost my faithful companion, my reliable horse! I was going to have to go through the whole used car buying experience, followed by the initial break in period, and then slowly build a trusting relationship with another vehicle. I was not looking forward to it. Then I received the call that my car was fixable, barely, but fixable nonetheless. I just got it back on Christmas Eve and we’re ready for another 200,000 miles.

Hi-yo Silver! AWAYYYYY!!

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