Happy 2009 everybody! I hope your new year has been a good one to this point.

I was working on a NetScaler today configuring http:// to https:// redirection for incoming CAG requests. I’m sure many of you know it as it’s pretty easy, but I need to post something so here you go.

This is what I did:

1. Login to the NetScaler GUI interface.
2. Expand Load Balancing / Virtual Servers
3. Create a “bogus” LBVS.
Click Add and create a new LB virtual server using your production VIP (Virtual IP) assigned to the CAG Virtual Server and specify 80 as the Port number.

4. Click the Advanced tab and specify the path to the secure Access Gateway site using the Redirect URL box. In this example, I entered https://cag.domain.com/vpn/index.html for Redirect URL. Click Create.

5. The new LBVS is created in a DOWN state as shown below. When an incoming request comes in on Port 80, the NetScaler will see the LBVS is down, and then redirect to the URL specified in step 4.

6. Test by connecting to http://cag.domain.com. If all goes according to plan, you’ll be redirected to the https site.