First, I don’t know how many of you read the “About Me” pages on blogs….personally, I rarely do but on my About Me page, I stated that I was on a mission to “find my own blog while doing a random Google search.”

Yesterday, I was Googling for a good NetScaler/Access Gateway diagram and was led to a picture I took of a baby bird…in its nest…on my porch!


I don’t know what baby birds, NetScalers, and the Access Gateway have in common, but I was so pleased that some piece of my blog turned up while doing a random Google search!  And so today, having reached the pinnacle of the blogging experience, I’d like to officially announce my retirement from blogging.  Thank you for your support!  🙂

Second, I had a customer contact me today regarding an error when logging Cisco UCS Manager.  This was cause for concern, in fact, in their own words, they were “about to freak out on this one” thinking the admin password had been secretly reset.  And since I don’t want any of my customers freaking out, I wanted to help them out.

When logging into UCS Manager the error stated, “Login Error: Server returned HTTP response code 400”:


Naturally, like most things I feel I troubleshoot these days, this was nothing more than a Java….”mismatch”….I’m not sure what to call it.  Java was updated to version 8u45 on the computer being used to connect to UCS Manager; evidently this version of Java is too new for, or not compatible with their version of UCS Manager.  When connecting from a computer with Java 7u25 or below, the error was not displayed and UCS Manager opened without issue.  JAAAVVVAAA!!! (Think William Shatner screaming “KHAN!!” in Star Trek 2)

Now let me say this….to get around some of these issues, I have started using VMware ThinApp to create packages of specific browsers and Java versions.  This has somewhat kept me from pulling my hair out and spinning my wheels installing/uninstalling Java when I’m working with customers with different versions of Unisphere, UCS Manager, and all the other interfaces out there that require some version of Java.  If you have access to ThinApp, I recommend it for your use to workaround such issues.

P.S.  I’m not retiring….I’m sure the 4 of you who may read this will rest easy tonight.  🙂