This is just a quick non-interactive demo to display application “switching” on multiple devices.  🙂

Now that I have the AirWatch MDM agent on my devices, I want to test applications access between my devices.  I started by opening Notepad through the App Catalog on my Android as shown below:


I then connected to the App Catalog on my iPhone and launched Notepad…..Notepad disconnected from my Android and my iPhone connected right where my Android disconnected:

I then launched Notepad on my laptop and it picked up where my iPhone left off:

I know my presentation isn’t the most compelling, but don’t hold that against AirWatch or VMware.  I was impressed that I had no problems connecting (quickly) to a single and active application instance using an Acer A100 4.0.2 Android tablet, an iPhone4 running iOS 7.1.2, and my Windows 7 laptop via the AirWatch App Catalog.

I believe the next topic in this AirWatch series will be the Secure Content Locker but I reserve the right to change my mind. Until next time….