With the AirWatch MDM Agent now installed on my iPhone and Android devices, on this post we’ll look at accessing applications via the App Catalog.

1. After installing the AirWatch MDM Agent on my iPhone, I received the following notification to install the AirWatch – Secure Content Locker, on my device.  Tap Install and then sign in with valid iTunes credentials to complete the installation of the SCL.  On my iPhone, I also received a notification to install the AirWatch Browser….as before, tap Install to complete the installation.


2. Once completed, I had new AirWatch icons on my iPhone as shown below:


3. Tap the App Catalog icon to see the list of applications to which you have access:


4. Tap Install to “install” the application onto your device.  When prompted, confirm the installation and wait for the processing to complete.

5. The application icons are added to the iOS desktop as shown below:


6. Execute your applications and enjoy!


Windows 8 on my iPhone4!!  Not that anyone would do this on a 3.5-inch screen, but I still find it pretty amazing that you can.


One thing to note….on my iPhone the AirWatch Secure Content Locker (SCL) and Browser installed automatically; on my Android device I had to install those components manually.  The reason, in this case, was an AirWatch policy configuration that installed the SCL and Browser automatically on iOS devices.