Last week I had to change the default gateway for an EMC VNX5300 storage system.  The SPs network properties, its IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway cannot be changed in Unisphere but must be changed through the control station using the steps below.  It is important to note that the following steps apply only to FILE OE versions at 7.0.35 and later.  I performed the steps below on FILE OE version and would recommend calling into EMC support to verify the steps on your storage system before attempting. 

The system I was working on how only a single control station.  The IPs are as follows:


Basically, I did these steps to change the default gateway from to 

1. Log in as user nasadmin, then $ su to root user

2. Stop the Proxy ARP service to return the SPs to the default internal address scheme:
# /nas/sbin/clariion_mgmt -stop
# ping [SPA]
# ping [SPB]

3. Change the IP addresses of the SPs by using the following and verify that the changes succeeded:
# /nas/sbin/clariion_mgmt -modify -spa_ip -spb_ip
# ping
# ping
# tail /etc/hosts A_FNM00104600113 SPA # CLARiiON SP B_FNM00104600113 SPB # CLARiiON SP
# nas_storage -c -a
Discovering storage on c250 (may take several minutes)
# /nas/sbin/navicli -h domain -list
# /nas/sbin/navicli -h domain -list

4. Change the IP address on CS0 and then verify that CS0’s IP address is properly updated to the domain:
# nas_cs -set -ip4address -ip4netmask -ip4gateway
# nas_cel -list
id name owner mount_dev channel net_path CMU
0 c250 0 FNM001046001132007
# /nas/sbin/navicli -h domain -list
# /nas/sbin/navicli -h domain -list
# grep /etc/hosts c250