Have any of you tried to publish App-V application packages to virtual desktops through Citrix XenApp?  To be truthful, my experience has been somewhat frustrating simply because of file type associations.  Perhaps you know what I’m talking about, perhaps you don’t but you can find out more here:


I have tried following the steps listed detailed on the link above and though I can see the FTA within the Citrix Access Managment Console / Content Redirection, my documents and spreadsheets on the virtual desktop appear as “unknown” icons. 

I’ve was reading Citrix XenApp 6 Sets New Standard in On-Demand App Delivery for Physical and Virtual Desktops and to quote the article, XenApp 6 includes “enhanced enterprise scalability and seamless integration with Microsoft technologies like App-V and Windows Server 2008 R2.”

I’m looking forward to testing this out.  Do any of you out there have any suggestions in regards to working with App-V and Citrix XenApp as it exists today?