Depending on how your Session Preferences are set on the XenDesktop XenApp Web services site, your users may encounter the following page when they log off their virtual desktop.

However, this can be a problem.  All a person would need do to have access to your environment is simply click the “click to connect” button to reattach to a virtual desktop before the session timeout limit is reached.  You may be required to configure the XenDesktop XenApp Web site to be redirect back to the default logon screen to avoid this situation.

I have implemented the following procedure to workaround the issue.  In this example, my end users connect to their virtual desktops using the web address

1. Open the Citrix Web Interface Management console, right-click the XenApp Web Service Site that represents the XenDesktop Farm and select Session Preferences.

2. Under General, click Web Sessions.  Change the Session Timeout to 1 Minute and click OK.  1 minute is the smallest value that can be set and a virtual desktop will continue to run even though the session timeout value has been reached.

3. On the Citrix web interface server, open IIS Manager and expand the virtual directories Default Web Site | Citrix | DesktopWeb | Auth

4. Right-click loggedout.aspx and choose Properties.

5. Change the content for this resource to A redirection to a URL and then in the Redirect to box, specify the web address for the XenDesktop XenApp web site, in this example and click OK.

As soon as the user logs into their virtual desktop, a 60 second session timeout commences on the browser in the background.  When the session timeout value is reached, the browser running “behind” the virtual desktop so to speak is automatically redirected to the XenDesktop default logon page as shown below: