Updating XenTools on the Citrix Merchandising Server Appliance

After installing the Citrix Merchandising Server (v1.1) appliance onto a XenServer 5.5, the XenCenter displayed a warning that XenTools on the CMS was out of date. Looks like XenTools 5.0 is installed on the CMS by default.

I had tried using the CMS command console but personally, had no luck with that whatsoever. When I entered “y”, I was immediately returned to the CMS Diagnostics menu.

At this point, I decided to manually update the XenTools on the CMS using the following steps:

1. View the CMS Server Console and on the Diagnostics menu, type 4 to launch the Appliance Terminal.

2. At the appliance terminal prompt, enter the following commands:
cd /mnt
mkdir xs-tools
mount /dev/xvdd /mnt/xs-tools
bash install.sh

3. You will see a message stating that the kernel-xen and xe-guest-utilities packages will be upgraded. Type y to continue.

4. When XenTools has been upgraded, you will be prompted to restart the virtual machine. Enter the command shutdown -r now to reboot the VM immediately, or schedule the reboot to occur at your convenience.


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3 responses to “Updating XenTools on the Citrix Merchandising Server Appliance

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  2. David,

    Thanks for posting this tip. It would have taken me a while to figure this out.

    I am running XS 5.6 fp1 and it looks like they have changed the structure of the xs-tools.iso, placing the Linux install in a sub-directory.

    Here are the modified steps.
    cd /mnt
    mkdir xs-tools
    mount /dev/xvdd /mnt/xs-tools
    cd xs-tools/Linux < - mind the capital 'L'
    bash install.sh
    I unmounted and removed xs-tools directory. I'm not sure if this is absolutely necessary, but I did it anyway.


    Thomas Wolfe

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