This post is more of an FYI for myself as much as anything, but I installed a XenServer a while back, and at the time, I didn’t have the Linux Guest Support CD and I continued the XenServer install without it. Well, just a few days ago, I needed to install the Linux Guest Support tools on this XenServer.

The process wasn’t hard by any means and I’m sure there are many ways to do this. Here are the steps I took and I’m posting them here so I won’t forget, and maybe they’ll be helpful to somebody else.

1. I used WinSCP to connect to the XenServer and I copied the Linux Guest Support CD ISO to an ISOs directory that I had created.

2. I connected to the XenServer console using Putty.

3. Change to the ISOs directory and enter the following commands:
mkdir -p /mnt/iso
mount -o loop XS-linuxcd.iso /mnt/iso
cd /mnt/iso

4. Enter the command ./ to install Linux Guest Support. If you have XenCenter open, you will lose the connection as XAPI will be restarted to complete the installation process.