Exchange 2007 CCR Cluster and NetApp Storage

This tidbit of information may be known to many of you, especially if you work with NetApp storage, but I’m posting it anyway as a reminder to myself.

After configuring a couple Windows 2008 servers as a failover cluster using a file share witness quorum, I enabled iSCSI and installed SnapDrive on NodeA. An iSCSI connection to the NetApp storage was established, but when attempting to use SnapDrive to add new disks, I received the message: “SnapDrive error: Class not registered“.

To correct, SnapDrive had to be installed on NodeB of the cluster. Once installed on both servers, I could use SnapDrive to add disks with no problems.


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5 responses to “Exchange 2007 CCR Cluster and NetApp Storage

  1. Dan

    thanks for the info!

  2. wwolkers

    Usefull info, thanks! saved me some time 🙂

  3. SnapDrive error: Class not registered

    On Snap drive 6.2 Windows 2008 R2 install of Exchange 2010.

    Even though the two nodes are not clustered in Ex 2010 there's a thing called DAG “database availability Group”

    in order for snap drive to work it needs to be on BOTH nodes.

  4. Several days ago I was at the Inet and observed good tool, which might assist in this issue just like me – fix microsoft exchange.

  5. Anonymous

    So I have 8 2010 Exchange Servers four in one data center on one vCenter and four in another data center on a different vcenter Do I need Snap Drive installed and configured on All the Exchange Server per data center to use Snap drive and not get this error?

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