One of the tasks I’ve had to do occassionally is extend the system partition of a Windows 2003 Server VM hosted within an ESX infrastructure. There may be many ways to accomplish the task but the two most common that I have seen have been:

1. Adding the system disk as a second disk in another VM and using diskpart to extend the volume.
2. Boot the VM using the GParted CD ISO to expand the disk.

I was experimenting with some Windows 2008 VMs and I’m happy to say neither method is necessary. In fact, when I used the GParted CD, the process took “forever” and when the VM rebooted, I was told a hardware change was detected. The VM then prompted me to repair the OS.

To increase the size of the disk, shutdown the 2008 VM. After it reboots, all you need do is use diskpart to extend the volume and you’re done!