I've not seen IT all, but what I have seen is here

About Me


I’m on a mission!  And my hope is that one day, by adding yet another IT technology blog to the many which exist already, I might find my own blog while doing a random Google search.

Hello and welcome!  My name is David Ball and as you may have guessed, I’m not a writer, a motivational speaker, or a life coach, though I do have some experience with public speaking.  I love my family….I like taking pictures (a couple of recent ones shown below), and iced tea (half sweet/unsweet).



If I could make a living travelling the world with my family and taking pictures I would, but notice I did not write that I am a photographer, I just like to take pictures….there is a difference in my opinion.  So until I master the craft of photography, I’ll keep my “day job” as a consultant with an IT services company in central North Carolina.

Now based on some of the other “About Me” pages I’ve seen, this should be where I write that ‘I’m passionate for you and your IT knowledge and its my greatest desire that this blog would help to feed your IT appetite and though I’m not necessarily against those things, I’ve created this blog simply because I forget stuff….really, it happens all the time, in fact, just today I forgot to pick my daughter up from school.

Thus, contained here are various posts that you may find helpful, but this blog and its 3GB of online space is an extension of my memory, so I use it not unlike I use a USB key….to save the stuff that I’m afraid may be deleted altogether. Enjoy!

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