When working with VMware UEM, you may find that once you install the UEM Agent, your applications “disappear” from the Start Menu.  The applications didn’t disappear from the computer as you can still see them if you open Programs and Features, you can also browse the directory structure and launch them manually, and so you may ask yourself, “Why did installing the UEM Agent cause my Start Menu to go berzerk?”


Turns out the solution is pretty simple though it has lead some to search and search to find it.  Within UEM, there is a Hide common program groups policy, and when that policy is enabled, UEM will hide the common program groups from the Start Menu.

To disable the Hide common program groups policy:

1. Open the UEM Management Console, click the User Environment tab, expand Windows Settings, and then click Policy Settings.

2. Right-click Hide common programs groups and select Disable.


3. With the policy disabled, reboot the computer/virtual machine.  Once you log back in, you should see the common program groups