Continuing with the AirWatch series, I’d like to introduce the AirWatch Self-Service Portal (SSP) which provides a means to enable end-users the ability to manage, to some degree, their mobile devices.  Through the AirWatch SSP, end-users can enroll new devices, view detailed device information, and execute remote actions against their enrolled devices.

Below is a screenshot of what I’m going to call the main screen which shows your enrolled devices and the actions a user can execute against them.  The actions seen below, are those actions that can be executed when the MDM agent has been installed on the device….the basic actions are different (and fewer) if the device has been configured with the Workspace agent.


You can click Send Message to send an email to the Inbox:

You can click Lock Device to remotely lock your device:

You can also use the SSP to install “missing” applications.  One of the issues to be addressed on my iPhone was the AirWatch TV app was not installed.  From the Details | Apps window, I highlighted AirWatch TV and then clicked Install to install it onto my iPhone.

Finally, you can also remotely execute an Enterprise or Device Wipe.  An enterprise wipe removes the corporate data and a device wipe resets the device to factory defaults.  This feature may be the most useful ensuring that if a device is lost or stolen, the end-user can easily perform these actions rather than having to call in a trouble ticket to the help desk.  Of course, if you’re like me, you’ll find your device right after issuing the wipe command and hope their is a hidden Device Restore button.

In the screenshots below, I performed an Enterprise Wipe….keep in mind that when you click OK and the “Are you sure?” popup, you had better be sure because you cannot cancel the wipe once its in progress.  The Enterprise Wipe removes all corporate data as shown by my AirWatch icons disappearing, but it will leave the MDM Agent so that if the device is recovered, a user could re-enroll.  Also notice on the third screenshot, that my Games were unaffected!  🙂

I think this will wrap up this initial series on the VMware AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management system, but I hope you were able to see the benefits of the system and how it can help you to manage your mobile devices.  To find more information, go to