In this post, all I want to do is install the AirWatch Secure Content Locker (SCL) application on my Android device then upload a file to my Personal Content and verify that its accessible on my iPhone.

1. First of course, you need to install the AirWatch SCL app, which can be obtained in the Play Store, on your Android device.

2. When the SCL opens, Login when prompted.  If you have the AW Agent running on your Android device, you may not be prompted to authenticate but in this instance, I didn’t have the AW Agent running on my device.


3. Browse the Content Repositories until you see the Personal Content repository.  Press Personal content.  In this case, there is currently no content in my Personal Content repository.  Press the + icon to add content to the repository.

4. I’m going to create a new folder called “From Android”, capture a picture, and then upload it to the From Android folder.

5. When returned to the Personal Content screen, I had a new “From Android” folder in which I pressed the + icon once again and selected Picture/Video.

6. On the Media capture detail screen, enter a name for the media set and specify a compression value.  Naturally, the higher the compression, the smaller the file, the faster to upload and less space is consumed within the repository.  In this example, I called the media set android1 and set the compression to Medium.  Once those variables are set, press Choose location to specify where the new media set will be uploaded within the Personal Content repository.

7. Now that the upload location has been selected, press Capture Media, take a picture or video, and when finished, press Upload.

8. The file is uploaded as shown below…..during the upload, you will see a spinning icon in the bottom-right corner of the file to indicated that a process is in progress (as shown from the iPhone on the right).

9. Connect to the SCL on the iPhone to see if our files uploaded from the Android are accessible on the iPhone:

10. Next, I added content from the iPhone to verify I could see the data on the Android:

Certainly it’s true that users can somewhat perform these functions today with any online data repository but the benefit here with the Secure Content Locker is corporate control.  When using the Secure Content Locker, an administrator can define policies regarding viewing options, force encryption, allow/disallow files to be attached to emails as well as managing printing or editing options among others….and that’s the real power of the SCL above and beyond any online data repository in and of itself.

But one step further….AirWatch is even able to integrate with online content repositories such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and now Box so that corporations can ensure data integrity when users store their data on online repositories which follow the Content Management Interoperability Standard!  Let Google provide space for your end-users, thereby saving you money on internal SAN storage while still allowing you to control and protect your corporate data!