When deploying View/Unidesk based virtual machines for VDI, I like to use Group Policies to deploy printers….more specifically, I create printers using policies located under User Configuration | Preferences | Control Panel Settings | Printers.  Again, I have found this method of deploy printers pretty easy and reliable.

Recently, I’ve had issues with non-persistent desktops sitting at the Welcome screen for what feels like an eternity when you’re in front of a computer and staring at it.  I’ve seen persistent desktops take up to several minutes to finally complete whatever it is they’re doing and present the desktop to the end user.

Looking at the event log to investigate, I saw several events which stated the following:

The Winlogon notification subscriber <GPClient> took ### seconds to handle the notification event (Logon)

As you might expect, the number of seconds displayed in Event Viewer was the same time I was waiting for the computer to bypass the Welcome screen.  Googling the problem, I eventually saw that several people had the issue and that it was solved by disabling the “Point and Print Restrictions” GPO found at Computer Configuration | Policies | Administrative Templates | Printers


A more detailed explanation of the Point and Print Restrictions policy can be found here.

Again, the problem seems to arise when using Control Panel Printer Preferences to map printers to non-persistent desktops…I’ve not experienced this issue in another scenario to  this point but after making this policy change (disabling Point and Print Restrictions), the time spent on the Welcome screen decreased dramatically.