In post #1, I looked briefly at McAfee MOVE and what needed to be done to setup the environment in regards to VMware Tools setup and the Update Master Repository task on the EPO server.  In this post, I’ll walk through the creation of the task to update the DAT files on the McAfee SVAs to ensure the VMs are fully protected with the latest virus definitions.

Check the current DAT File Version and Date

1. In the EPO GUI, you can check the date of the installed DAT file by clicking System Tree | SVA Folder and then double-click a given SVA.  Click the Products “tab” and review the DAT Version and Date as highlighted below:


Creating the Update DAT File Task

2. On the System Tree screen, click Assigned Client Tasks, then click Actions | New Client Task Assignment


3.  On the Client Task Assignment screen, select McAfee Agent | Product Update | Create New Task


4. Enter a Task Name and Description and select all appropriate options and click Save.


5. When returned to the Client Task Assignment screen, verify the new task is highlighted and click Next.


6. Enable a task schedule and click Next.


Verify Success of the Client Task

7. Once the task has executed, connect to the Products tab of the SVAs and verify the DAT Version and DAT Date have updated.