RecoverPoint – Failed to configure splitter credentials

If you have RecoverPoint and use the SAN splitter for an EMC storage system, you may run into an issue if you change the password to the EMC storage account being used by RecoverPoint.  After changing the password in Unisphere, you will likely see the following when attempting to update the account credentials inside the RecoverPoint GUI:

Failed to configure splitter credentials
 As of 3/20/2013, this is a known issue.  Here’s an email I received from EMC support:
This is actually a code bug that we are still trying to resolve. When a user changes the unisphere password or creates a new user, RP does not update it and still uses the original credentials from installation. We can see that the VNX is blocking commands from site control RPA. VNX engineering is investigating this currently.

Though its a known issue, I was able to do the following to get around the issue:  Though I was using a “global” Unisphere account, I set the scope of my account to “local” and set the new password.  To my amazement, the change took.  I went back into the splitter properties and set the scope by to “global” and that change held and RP did not have any additional issues communicating with the SAN splitter.

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