The Citrix Web Interface can now be installed on NetScaler appliances, thus eliminating the need for a separate server to provide Citrix web services. The Web Interface on NetScaler provides user access to published resources (applications, content, or desktops) through a standard Web browser or by using the Citrix Receiver or XenApp plug-in.

The Web Interface installation includes installing the Web Interface tar file and JRE tar file on a NetScaler appliance. Consider the following when installing the web interface onto the NetScaler:

• The Web Interface on NetScaler is based on Java Server Pages (JSP) technology
The Web Interface runs as a service on port 8080 on the appliance. It is important to remember this.
• The Web Interface is supported only on nCore version of the NetScaler software releases
• Minimum of two CPUs and 2 GB of memory are required to install Web Interface on a virtual appliance
• Pass through authentication is not supported at this point of time
• Web Interface on NetScaler uses NSIP to contact the XML services. Ensure that the firewall allows the NSIP
• If you would like to use MIP or SNIP, configure load balancing virtual server for each of the XML services and provide load balancing virtual server IP address in the Web Interface farm configuration.

1. The first thing you need to do is download the NetScaler web interface components from the MyCitrix web site. After logging into the site, click Downloads and then specify NetScaler ADC as the product. Under the NetScaler 9.3 Product Heading, you will see Web Interface on NetScaler, click it.

2. You will be redirected to the Web Interface on NetScaler download page. Remember, you must have an nCore software release installed on your NetScaler. If you do not, you’ll need to download an nCore release and upgrade the NetScaler prior to installing the Web Interface components. Assuming your release supports the web interface, browse to the bottom of the page and download each package under the Components heading.

3. Use WinSCP or another file transfer utility to copy the tar files to the /var/tmp directory on the NetScaler.

4. Logon to the NetScaler management console and click Web Interface.

5. On the right-hand pane, click Install Web Interface under Getting Started.

6. On the Install Web Interface window, click Browse to the right of Web Interface Tar File Path, select the web interface TGZ file and click Select.

7. When returned to the Install Web Interface window, click Browse to the right of JRE Tar File Path, select the JRE TAR file and click Select. When returned to the Install Web Interface window, click Install.

8. Click OK when the installation successfully completes and then Save the configuration.

That’s it as far as the installation of the web interface on NetScaler is concerned. Now it’s just a matter of creating and configuring the web interface site. In the next post or two, I’ll cover the steps to configure the web interface to work with the Access Gateway.