Citrix Access Gateway – SSL Error 70

As you may be able to determine from the previous post, I had some excitement while working with a NetScaler last week. Before I experienced SSL Error 38, I had to fix an SSL 70 Error when launching a published application from the Access Gateway site.

In this case, the error had nothing to do with the NetScaler but the resolution required a change to the computer on which I was connecting from. In this example, I was attempting to run an application while connected with an IE 8 browser. I opened IE properties and when to the Content tab and then clicked on Certificates.

Sure enough, there were several Verisign certificates that had expired on 1/7/2004, but the fix was easy enough. I had to install the Update for Root Certificates that can be downloaded as part of Windows Updates or downloaded and installed manually.

If you have any additional problems after applying the root certificate update, it may be necessary to click on the Clear SSL state button found within IE properties on the Content tab.

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