VMware View Ready Zero Clients

Zero clients are an increasingly popular technology trend, especially in VDI deployments, that contain no local operating system, so they provide instant-on, little endpoint administration, and no vulnerability to viruses or malware. Much like a thin client, a zero client moves the computing power back to the data center, leaving little more than a keyboard and monitor at a users’ desk.

The following graphic, found here on the Teradici support site, displays the VMware View ready zero clients:

If you are experiencing audio lag or latency when watching streaming internet video, download firmware update 3.2.1 for your zero client. I have found that the necessary firmware can be downloaded from the Wyse support site regardless of the VMware View ready zero client used. In my most recent experience, I was able to apply the Wyse P20 firmware update to a Samsung NC240. Though the audio latency was not completely removed, the performance was “fairly acceptable”.


If you do not already have it, you will need to download the Teradici PCoIP management console which is also downloaded from the link above. The Teradici PCoIP management console is a virtual machine which can be hosted within vSphere of VMware Workstation.

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