Here it is, Wednesday night, the 3rd day of VMworld 2010 and I’m just getting around to my first blog. Any cool blogger would have done 50-60 by now, but fortunately for me, I’m not a cool blogger. I don’t know if I’d be doing this entry now except I’m waiting for my wife to come and pick me up. She took the kids to the Exploratorium and I haven’t heard from them since…hopefully they are ok.

Me, I’m sitting in the Borders at the corner of 3rd and King St. Evidently it’s closing so come on in to get a good deal on a book. Now that the books are 20-30% off, they are somewhat affordable…

I’m looking over at AT&T Park and wondering if I could go to another game…I went Monday night via a Cisco function and had “VIP” passes to a suite. I have learned that I enjoy watching baseball games from luxury suites with free hot dogs, cookies, and drinks. AT&T Park was a fine place to watch a game.

Last night, we went over to, and across, the Golden Gate Bridge.

We ended up having dinner at Pasta Pomodoro in Mill Valley. Turns out, kids eat free on Tuesdays!! We all enjoyed our food and I’d recommend it, especially on Tuesday if you have kids.

So here I am on Wednesday night, sitting in Borders waiting for my wife to call and writing my first blog entry from VMworld, wondering if I can fit in one more baseball game….

Anyway, this is my first VMworld and it’s been fantastic! The sessions and labs have been great. I’ll tell you all about them, at least until my wife picks me up….