I recently had XenApp 6 servers telling me they were “too busy” when I tried to launch applications. I thought to myself that these servers are crazy as I was the only one trying to launch a published application, but I ran qfarm /load and saw the following surprising results:

I read, and confirmed with Citrix support, that a Server Load of 20000 indicates a licensing problem. Initially, I was told that the Citrix Licensing Server needed to be upgraded to version 11.6.1, build 10007 with the License Administration Console to support XenApp6. The license server was upgraded but the problem persisted.

I had noticed a few licensing “alerts” and “warnings” concerning expired SA’s but not yet cleared them out. Those license files were removed and once the Alerts and Warnings were removed/resolved, the Server Load value on the XenApp 6 servers decreased to normal values and I could launch published applications.