How to determine the version of HyperV Integrated Guest Services

Ran across this yesterday, thought it may be of interest…

To figure out the installed version of Integrated Guest Services my Hyper-V VMs:

1. Open Device Manager and expand System Devices

2. Right-click Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy and choose Properties

3. Click the Driver tab and review the Driver Version number. This represents the version number of the Hyper-V Integrated Guest Services.

As I understand it, the Hyper-V Integrated Guest Services base version is 6.0.6001.18000. I am working on a DPM 2007 SP1 project which requires version 6.0.6001.22334. I used this process to check the version installed on the VMs in order to determine if an upgrade was required.

If Microsoft KB959962 has been installed onto the Hyper-V host(s), when you install/upgrade the Integrated Guest Services on the VMs, it will be brought up to version 6.0.6001.22334.

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