Exchange 2007 allows you to delegate installation permissions to an account, thereby allowing a user the ability to install Exchange 2007 without the user being a member of the Exchange Organization Administrators group. After the installation, the role of the server as displayed in the Exchange Management Console is “Provisioned”.

More on provisioning/delegating Exchange 2007 installs can be found on these links:

Personally, I have yet to use this functionality but a colleague ran into an issue where an Exchange 2007 CCR’s role was “Provisioned”. In this case, my colleague did not use the /nprs: switch necessary for a delegated install, nor had he used a different account, nor had he done anything differently from the previous installs at this particular site.

Ultimately, he was led to this site where the answer to the Provisioned role mystery was resolved.

In his post, the author states:

“…I found out that this issue is caused by the Clustered Exchange Instance Name for the Exchange Server is created on a Domain Controller which is either not local to the Exchange install (for example on another site) or a domain controller that was not being used by Setup.”

He then goes on to describe how the issue is resolved:

“Forced a domain replication via Active Directory sites and services – and then went to the Exchange Binaries installation directory via a Windows command prompt where I ran the following command syntax: /newcms /cmsName: /cip:

Therefore the command looked like the following:

E:\ExchangeMedia\ExchangeServerServicePack1> /newcms /cmsname:crp-exccrev-01 /cip:

When setup completed, the correct role for the Exchange 2007 server was displayed.