Citrix has released XenDesktop 3.0 Feature Pack 1. I can’t wait to try it on Windows 7! I have a Windows 7 image ready to go and have been eagerly awaiting this release.

Announcement from Citrix is below:

This Feature Pack for XenDesktop 3 is an update the Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) alone. It enables the following enhancements through an easy in-place upgrade for existing XenDesktop 3 customers:

New Feature Enhancements

Smart card enhancements
Use of smart cards with Linux based desktop appliances
SmoothRoaming across stations with heterogeneous smart card readers
Use smart card authentication with both virtual desktop and XenApp-hosted apps (cascaded ICA scenarios)

New HDX technologies
HDX RealTime enhancements for VoIP
Broad support for softphone VoIP within virtual desktop for LAN-based users
Broad compatibility with headsets and microphones
Audio for Vista

Early Availability of Future Technologies

HDX MediaStream for Flash Trial Release (for evaluation purposes only, not for production deployment)
Optimized delivery of Flash content
Accelerates animations, videos and Flash/Flex-based applications
Enables the delivery of Flash based video conferencing applications
Trial release optimized only for LAN-based users with Windows endpoints (suitable for evals)
After installing the standard VDA, the installer prompts the admin to get the HDX MediaStream for Flash Trial Release

Windows 7 – Alpha Release
Demonstrates early support of the next generation Windows desktop
Offers HDX technologies including USB and multi-media
The installer detects that it is a Win7 desktop and provides the correct VDA