Today, Citrix introduced XenServer 5. The Citrix product announcement below provides a quick look at its benefits and offers links to webinars and videos.

Introducing Citrix XenServer 5
Virtualization for every server in the enterprise

XenServer 5 Available Now
On September 15, Citrix introduced Citrix(R) XenServer(TM), which boasts a number of significant enhancements, including new business continuity, storage infrastructure and virtualization management tools. XenServer 5 includes robust features required by mission-critical workloads while offering the ease-of-use necessary for general purpose deployment. This release builds on XenServer’s blazing-fast bare metal performance by adding support and performance optimization for Windows Server 2008 as well as guest support for many new versions of both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux operating systems. XenServer 5 also includes enhancements to dynamic workload streaming technology which speeds deployment and reduces costs associated with application delivery on both virtual and physical servers. And with a price tag that allows for ubiquitous deployment, Citrix XenServer 5 truly is virtualization for every server in the enterprise.

The Value of XenServer for Your Business Among the many new features of XenServer 5 are automated high availability, disaster recovery support and expanded storage and guest operating system support. Citrix partners can help customers realize the value of XenServer virtualization throughout the enterprise by deploying XenServer virtualization and dynamic workload streaming (provisioning) technologies on more servers across more sites. XenServer Platinum Edition provides the opportunity to increase revenue opportunities through services and license revenue associated with new virtualization projects as well as customer upgrades to existing deployments to maximize profitability on license revenue, Subscription Advantage and Advisor Rewards. A Product Bulletin is also being sent to current XenServer customers to familiarize them with all the great, new features in XenServer 5.
Take the XenServer 5 tour! You’ll find videos, whitepapers and on-demand webinars that address the challenges you face: affordable, easy-to-use server virtualization. Virtualization as an essential part of your disaster recovery strategy, solutions for high availability, storage management in a virtualized enterprise and more.

XenServer 5 is available now! Ready to experience the robust features in XenServer 5 Enterprise Edition?
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If you are using Citrix XenApp(TM), don’t miss this on-demand webinar suited for technical viewers, you’ll learn how the virtualization and provisioning technologies in Citrix XenServer can be applied to typical Citrix XenApp farms for consolidation, high availability, business continuity and disaster recovery.
XenServer 5 Highlights
Business Continuity Enhancements
* Automated high availability (HA) restarts virtual machines on another physical server according to priority and resource availability.
* Redundant networking and support for disaster recovery via remote replication.

Virtualization Management and Usability
* Simple, powerful tagging and advanced searching capabilities across virtual machines, hosts and resource pools.
* Persistent performance statistics across resource pools provide real time monitoring as well as graphical trending of virtual and physical machine performance.
* Physical to virtual (P2V) conversion tools to ease the transition from physical to virtual machines.

Dynamic Workload Management
* Stream server workloads on-demand to multiple physical or virtual servers from a single, shared operating system image.
* Live migration of virtual machines between physical servers for zero downtime server maintenance.

Virtual Storage Infrastructure
* Citrix XenServer Adapter for Dell EqualLogic provides integrated access to advanced storage services.
* New storage workflows to edit settings on storage repositories.
* Improved performance and redundant I/O links enabled with multi-path I/O support.

Additional Server OS Guest Support
* XenServer 5 adds support for Windows Server(R) 2008 32-bit and 64-bit as well as Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Vista Service Pack 1.
* Linux guest support now includes new versions of SUSE Enterprise Linux 9, 10 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.7, 5.2.

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