Building on the recent ThinApp post, a client asked if there was an easy way to package the Full ICA Client. The IT staff had done a great job of streamlining the install already and had provided their end users (all over the world) with great documentation, with screenshots!!, on the installation process. With their process, it takes about 2 minutes, if that, to install the ICA Program Neighborhood client. I was told this same 2 minute process has taken “up to 2 Days!!” for some users, and resulting in many support calls.

This customer uses many LANDesk utilities, I think the LANDesk Management Suite gives you an inventory, automation, security, and maybe a helpdesk system. Anyway, lucky for me, LANDesk also has an Application Virtualization “plug-in” which uses Thinstall technology.

We used Thinstall to create a customized ICA client package and now, users only need to double-click a single executable, login to the domain, and they’re using published applications. Initial tests have been successful and the feedback positive.