Like many of us, I’ve had a customer recently migrate to Exchange 2007. One reason is to standardize on Outlook Web Access as the email platform. One shortcoming of OWA 2007 for this customer, was the difficulty of sharing and accessing calendars from within the OWA interface.

Enter Messageware CalendarShare…..

Messageware’s CalendarShare, installed on your organizations Exchange 2007 Client Access Servers, enhances the capabilities of OWA and provides users with the ability to work with multiple shared calendars. It is a complete server side application and requires NO client side software to be installed.

When used with OWA Premium, CalendarShare can be used to:
View multiple calendars side-by-side
Assign calendar delegate and/or folder permissions within OWA
Any calendar permissions set within Outlook are applied

Installation is very easy, however, you need to consider when to install as the WWW service needs to be restarted. The user installing must have, at minimum, Exchange ViewOnly Administrator rights.

The customer liked CalendarShare enough to request a quote. Messageware quoted CalendarShare based on the number of CPU’s in the CAS server and if I remember correctly, it was $2500 per CPU.

Messageware has several different products, connect to to check them out. I’ll likely post about a few of them in the near future.

If your customers need a better way to access and share calendars within OWA, I encourage you to consider Messageware CalendarShare.

Here’s a few screenshots:

1. After CalendarShare is installed, additional options are added to OWA the Calendar section:

2. The screen used to assign delegate or folder permissions:

3. Multiple calendars open: